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Michigan State University has been a great supporter of Pathem™ Puzzles  from day one and we are very pleased to have The State News ( go Daily. More Pathem™ puzzles for the Spartans! The State News was the first paper to run an EVIL GENIUS level Pathem™ puzzle contest and many of the first inductees to […]

Texas Christian University’s student paper, the Daily Skiff, has signed up for the Daily Pathem™ Puzzle syndicated service. The Skiff’s readers and advertisers will now enjoy weekly themed puzzles every day of the Skiff’s 4-day-a-week publishing schedule. Thank you TCU! Check out the Daily Skiff today,

A big thanks to the University of Hawaii-Manoa student paper, “Ka Leo” for supporting Pathem™ Puzzles. The university has 20,000 + student body and the Ka Leo has a circulation of approximately 7,000 and prints 3 times a week. As the state’s best known university, Pathem™ inventor, J.K. Cook is very pleased to have his […]

As requested,…Daily Pathem™ Puzzles are here ! Starting on August 23rd (34th week of 2010) we will be offering a new daily Pathem™ Puzzle syndication service. For publications that run multiple editions a week or publications that want to run multiple Pathem™ in each issue, 5 daily Pathem™ puzzles will be available each week. More […]